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Dear Friend,

When I was 15, I had my first panic attack. 11 years later I had my first full blown anxiety attack, and by 34 a total “bring me to my knees” breakdown.

I went from confident and successful to HELPLESS.

How could this happen to me? Are you asking yourself the same question?

I didn’t have some major traumatic event, I was just living life. IT just happened, I cracked.

In my heart I knew I couldn’t go from sane to insane overnight.

Even at my darkest hour, I had enough wits about me to start feverishly searching for truth.
Every waking hour I was reading and listening to any bit of information that could give me answers to what the physiological causes of anxiety could be.

What my research uncovered surprised me. I was perplexed that my doctors didn’t look for the things that were true underlying ROOT CAUSES as to why I came unglued.

Medication does not HEAL anxiety. The anxiety still there – even though you don’t FEEL it.

If you’re like me, you are not satisfied with doctors offering of anti-depressants as a long term solution for anxiety management.

You can also discover what creates your AWFUL anxious feelings.

Medications and magic bullet remedies are a crutch. They do not correct the real problem that RESIDES within the body, that’s why anxiety rears its ugly head again and again.

Is your body giving you clear messages as to why you have anxiety, but you don’t know how to interpret them?

Besides anxiety, I experienced asthma, blood sugar swings, hormone imbalance, weight gain, panic attacks, depression, anger, violent / morbid thoughts, lethargy, slow wound healing, muscle and connective tissue pain, and bowel disturbance.

I discounted the other minor symptoms as strange like always being cold, skin rashes, itchy ears, and an insatiable appetite. I thought all of these symptoms were independent of anxiety. I was wrong.

Let’s Get Physical: Anxiety is Not All in Your Head addresses the source of these symptoms, which are part of the anxiety recovery puzzle.

Each symptom is a CLUE as to what’s really going on.

finalphysicalorder Let’s Get Physical: Anxiety Is Not All In Your Head here

What if your uneasy and restless feelings were very simple to resolve?

Most of us are unaware of the things we are doing to our bodies that have led us to the point of relentless anxiety. Enjoyment of life and feeling at ease are gone.

It is guaranteed you are unconsciously doing many of these things everyday. How can you stop if you don’t know what they are, YET?

Going from functionally anxious to completely paralyzed in fear can happen overnight, it happened to me.

When your body has HAD ENOUGH, it knocks you down because you aren’t listening to it.

5 major contributors to mental un-wellness that most doctors don’t even address.

5 things you may be doing right now that really make things worse:

  1. Self medicating through over the counter and/or prescription medications, alcohol, gambling, or other “thrill seeking” behavior.
  2. Staying isolated from friends, family, and social situations.
  3. Eating comfort foods like ice cream, candy, fast foods, soda, chips, cookies, and other “junk”.
  4. Ignoring or denying the seriousness of your anxiety problem.
  5. Talk therapy without correctly supporting the physical body.

Fortunately there are ways you can find out what the REAL and TANGIBLE source of your “cracked” feelings and heal your body as a whole for permanent resolution.

Your anxiety may not me all in your head, it could have physical origin.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Let’s Get Physical: Anxiety is Not All in Your Head:

  • Identifying if you are part of the 95% of the U.S. population who is compromised in they key anxiety regulating endocrine gland.
  • How to rebuild your body after it has been weakened by years of unconscious decisions that tore down your health.
  • The 6 major brain chemicals responsible for your sanity.
  • What tests to ask your doctor to run that identify the root causes for how you’re feeling.
  • Read the signs your body is giving you at this moment that are telling you exactly what’s wrong.
  • That skipping “you” time is NOT an option.
  • 2 things you must avoid if you have anxiety or panic attacks.
  • Steps to take to rapidly rebuild your body and get relief.
  • The good fat your brain and metabolism need besides omega 3’s.
  • What food and drink you are putting in your mouth that compound and exaggerates how anxious you feel.
  • Everyday nutrients labeled as “bad for you” that are crucial for optimal health and a relaxed state of mind.
  • Identify America’s #1 addiction that you may not know you have.
  • Easy to read charts where you find my personal recovery program outlined with the stuff that worked, leaving out the rest.

This is some of what you’ll find in my personal recovery program Let’s Get Physical: Anxiety is NOT All in Your Head .

You can recover without relapse, if you have the right knowledge and know how to act on it.

Does your heart sink when you see people that are happy, smiling, and enjoying life because you wonder if you’ll ever be that way again?

Every day your mind probably races in desperation wishing this awful feeling would just stop and go away. It can, starting if you know what to do.

You wonder if you are going crazy, if you are going to be one of “those people” unable to work that whisper comments when you leave the room.

How do you know if Let’s Get Physical: Anxiety is NOT All in Your Head is right for you? Besides anxiety, you are …

  • either overweight or underweight
  • dragging yourself out of bed in the morning and cant sleep at night
  • slumping in the afternoon
  • craving foods with high salt or sugar
  • drinking more and more coffee to stay awake
  • looking puffy and bloated
  • itchy in your ears and “private” areas
  • experiencing headaches, foggy thinking, and lack of concentration
  • having extreme mood swings
  • thoughts racing
  • cold and chilled all the time
  • trembling under pressure
  • having panic attacks without rational triggers
  • unable to handle stress
  • fatigues by even a small amount of physical activity
  • light headed when you get up quickly
  • unable to shake the blues; your glass is always half empty
  • feeling completely non-sexual
  • uncomfortable in crowds or leaving your home

(By the way, this used to be MY personal list!)

Correct the problem so it never comes back.

Medication can be very helpful during the worst anxiety times. However, long term side effects like weight gain, sexual dysfunction, muscle jerking, depression, and feeling emotionally numb sometimes just aren’t worth it.

Even more concerning is anti-anxiety medication is extremely addictive.

Withdrawing off of medication is NOT a fun ride for those of us who have been on it. Hallucinations, mood swings, outbursts of anger, and tremors for months after coming off anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication are very typical.

Had I known the information in Let’s Get Physical: Anxiety is NOT All in Your Head sooner, I probably would never have needed ANY those medications.

This is why I have put this information together for you in this ebook, to SAVE you the struggle and frustration of putting all the pieces together as to the real reasons WHY you are so anxious.

Your body is screaming for attention. This is WHY you can’t shake anxiety and panic from your life permanently. Now you can.

Many of us do not ask for help because we are embarrassed and afraid of being judged as weak.

So yes, you are not crazy. Anxiety is NOT all in your head. You can get better for the rest of your life.

You CAN over come the vicious cycle of anxiety with the right tools.

Liberate yourself from “living with” anxiety, take action steps and get on the path to long lasting recovery. You’ve done your time, now get your life back.

Get started now and gain peace of mind as well as increased total health and vitality. You’ll come ALIVE again!

You can make the hopes of feeling normal again a reality. Click on a link for the first step.

I’ll talk to you again soon.

      Your Friend,

Jen Springer



The whole program is only $47.00

order Let’s Get Physical: Anxiety Is Not All In Your Head here

When you order right now, even if it’s 3am and tonight is another sleepless night, you’ll be able to start reading and putting the information to work for you. You’ll also receive



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Love Your Liver

a NaturalAnxietyTherapy.com special MP3 interview with Jen Springer. An introduction to supporting the #1 organ that is responsible for hormone, blood sugar, and storing / converting nutrients. When this organ needs attention, people may have feelings of ANGER and FRUSTRATION for no reason.


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Essential Oils For Anxiety

a NaturalAnxietyTherapy.com special MP3 interview with Jen Springer. The secret weapon for emotional support during the anxious tough times that nobody talks about. So simple, you’ll wish you had this information years ago.


Bonus #3: a $27 value

Blood Sugar Mental Health

a NaturalAnxietyTherapy.com special report by Jen Springer. Full detail on how to identify and correct the #1 hidden cause of anxiety that most doctors never consider. If this problem is never addressed, feeling good is only a pipe dream.


Bonus #4: a $27 value

Food Allergies & Nutritional Recovery

a NaturalAnxietyTherapy.com special report by Jen Springer. How to uncover hidden foods and drinks that are weakening your body and keeping you from having a sound mind.


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Lycium Barbarum a.k.a. Ningxia Wolfberry

a NaturalAnxietyTherapy.com special report by Cherie Ross. A super nutrient considered the SECRET WEAPON of the Chinese Olympic team that is used in Eastern Medicine to support glands and organs that contribute to anxiety.

4 week, 100%, no risk
Money Back Guarantee

You have nothing to lose except the hot flashes, aches, pains, extra weight, sleep disturbing, stomach upset, itchy, digestive upset, and all around poor physical performance caused by an excess of anxiety produced chemicals in your body. If Let’s Get Physical can’t help you identify and begin to rid your body of any one of these debilitating ailments in the next 30 days, then I insist on giving you your money back.* This is an ebook & MP3 series you download electronically to computer or smart device. Refunds will not be given in cases which the purchaser assumed this was a hard copy book.  No hard copy book will be mailed because these are electronic books & audios. guarantee11

YES Jen!

I want to feel strong and energetic and alive again! I’m ready to find and root out the physical causes and results of anxiety from my body.


The whole program for only $47!

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Let’s Get Physical: Anxiety Is Not All In Your Head and your bonuses are downloadable e-books. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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“I’ve suffered from Panic, anxiety, and phobias for the past 9 years. During that time I read many books, went to therapy, and saw many doctors. 7 months ago I began talking to Jen Springer about natural alternatives and after following what worked for her, I immediately started to feel like myself again. Jen has been a great help with her knowledge, passion, and especially her drive to research and discover natural therapies that actually work.”
— Jay C., NM USA

“I started working with Jen because I knew something wasn’t right with my health. Nobody could figure out what it was. She got to the root of the problem and with her guidance I was able to have more energy, clearer thinking, and even lost weight. Now I’m set on a path that is simple and easy to stick with for years to come.”
— Kelby H., IL USA

“Everything I have experienced with Jen has been wonderful. Jen is so informative and it gives me lots of hope for my future. I have been struggling with anxiety for at least seven years, two years of that have been such a struggle for me. When I found Jen, she was so quick to help me and all the information she provided with me made so much sense and really gave me piece of mind. Thanks again.”

— Jessica L., NJ USA
“I’m so glad I found Jen. By applying her innovative methods to treating anxiety, I have learned how to control my anxiety and depression which have plagued me for years.”

–Kevin M., IL USA

“Jennifer has been an inspiration to me on my journey to overcome anxiety, because her road seemed to be just as steep as my road. I noticed that my first panic attack happened on a day when I didn’t eat much and of the very little food I did eat, it wasn’t healthy. That say I almost went to the emergency room, when all I really needed was a salad and a little sleep! Jennifer’s deep understanding on the connection with food and anxiety challenged my perceptions about how important it really is to watch what you eat.”
— Jackie M., PA USA

“I thank Jen so much for listening…no one else understands what I’m talking about. She helped me far more than the nutritionist I’ve been working with in the past! The fact that Jen was there, and spent so much time helping means the world to me. Thanks again for the support!”

— Karen A., NJ USA
“When I saw how Jen was able to pinpoint what foods were creating inflammation and immune challenges in my daughter’s body, I decided to have her work with me as well. Within a week or so, I noticed that the extreme bloating I’d lived with for decades was gone. Both of us physically look and emotionally feel so much better due to our new way of eating – our decision to honor our bodies by providing what they need and want, not what our unhealthy society dictates. Thanks for the invaluable guidance.”

— Rivian W., IL USA

* NOTICE: Information presented on this site or in Let’s Get Physical: Anxiety is NOT All in Your Head is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any illness or disease. Always seek a qualified health professional of your choice to assist you with your wellness program. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

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